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Idan lives in Jerusalem and makes a living as an educator and tour guide, with a focus on educational tourism, leadership, interfaith, social, and political missions. She believes in exploring and getting to know a place through encounters with people and their personal narratives. In addition to guiding groups Idan is active in social justice. The focus of her work and passion is mainly housing rights for homeless families, as well as underprivileged communities fighting not just for a place to live but for equal opportunities and the righting of historical ethnic injustices resulting from discrimination. She played a central role in establishing a group of activists and homeless people in Jerusalem, and together they launched protest campaigns against forced evacuations from homes and created an independent platform from which the homeless could voice their struggle. Today she works on policy change in the Knesset, representing the Forum for Public Housing, the Democratic Mizrachi Rainbow and The Coalition Against Racism. In her work she is involved in reinforcing and improving the public housing bill, promoting a new bill that will secure fair compensation for families that have been evacuated from their homes as the result of high end real estate projects, campaigning for distributive justice in public land and assets, and fighting for governmental involvement in the fight against racism. In addition, Idan manages a band that performs Jewish Moroccan music based on their new arrangements of traditional Moroccan songs, as well as original compositions. In their work they have become a prominent representative of Jewish Moroccan music’s young generation.

ירושלמית, מורת דרך מוסמכת המטיילת ומדריכה מגיל צעיר, פעילה חברתית ועוסקת גם בהפקה וניהול אמנים. למדה צילום במוסררה, לימודי ספרד ואמריקה לטינית באוניברסיטה העברית בירושלים יחד עם השלמות בלימודי ארץ ישראל והמזרח התיכון בדגש על דתות, ארכיאולוגיה, הסטוריה וחברה. דוברת עברית, אנגלית וספרדית, משתדלת לחוות כל מקום דרך הטבע, ההסטוריה, החברה והדת, כמבקרת ולא כתיירת.

בשנים האחרונות מנהלת אישית ומפיקה של אמנים ומוזיקאים, זאת לצד פעילות חברתית שוטפת בנושאי דיור ציבורי וצמצום פערים חברתיים בחברה הישראלית.

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